Live Webinar: Solving Big data problems for machine-generated data using Microsoft Azure and Power BI

Enterprises have awakened to the reality that their big data stores represent a largely untapped gold mine that could help them lower costs, increase revenue and become more competitive. They don't just want to store their vast quantities of data, they want to convert that data into valuable insights that can help improve their companies. Join this webinar to learn how AlphaBOLD drives its clients to implement Big data solutions on Azure Data stack.

Join us live on May 20, to learn how to solve big data problems for machine-generated data using Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

Date: May 20, 2020 | Time: 10:00 AM PST

Discover why some of the World's most Innovative Companies use Power BI

Our Presenters

Awais Aslam
BI Practice Manager

Achieve powerful results by listening to your data. Join our Webinar where we will show you how you can mark your business territory with Microsoft Azure and Power BI.


Judd Halenza
Strategic Sales

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What are the different sources of Big Data
  • Azure Data platform licensing
  • How to handle and clean unstructured data
  • How to move data from unstructured to structured format
  • What is the use of External tables in Azure synapse
  • How to use Polybase as a bridge between structured and unstructured data
  • Create lightning-fast visuals in Power BI using table Aggregation

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Big data fundamentals
  • Why to choose Azure Data Platform for Big Data Solutions
  • Licensing
  • Demo:
    - Unstructured data files in Data Lake
    - Big data warehouse processing in Azure Synapse
    - Data from Azure Data lake to Azure Synapse using Polybase
    - Analytics on millions of rows in Power BI

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What Customers Say About Us?

Michael Patterson
Vice President of Operations
M Bar C Construction 

“Initially, we were only looking for a Project management solution, but AlphaBOLD helped us take a deeper look at our processes and helped us understand where we wanted to go with it. This partnership has enabled M Bar C to significantly improve the company. AlphaBOLD terms this as just the beginning of our digital transformation journey, and we are excited about the future.”