BOLD Happiness Index
BOLD-HI Solution to calculate Customer Happiness Index

BOLD-HI solution helps organizations serve their customers better. It calculates Customer Happiness Index by using sentiment analysis and machine learning techniques. It analyzes the email content of all contacts and accounts, and predicts the sentiment of each customer. It's an add-on that can easily be installed on top of Dynamics CRM with a few simple clicks.

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Customer Service

Filter unhappy customers and take decisions to improve customer service

Maximize ROI

Avoid manual Net Promoter Score calculations and get intelligence based cost effective solution

Real-time Data

Get real-time happiness index of each customer

Prescriptive Decisions

Get actionable insights to improve customer happiness index


Configure entities in minutes to enable BOLD-HI solution


Drive Profits and Growth with BOLD-HI

Are your customers unhappy with your service? Would you like to classify unhappy customers with a single click? Is your sales team manually creating customer happiness reports for your management? Do you want to measure probability of your customers to refer you to their friends and colleagues? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then you need BOLD-HI solution. BOLD-HI doesn’t just calculate the sentiment of each customer but it also helps the organizations in driving good profits and true growth.


0 - 30 Users

$300 / month

24/7 Email Support

30 - 60 Users

$500 / month

24/7 Email Support

60 - 120 Users

$1000 / month

24/7 Email Support


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