At AlphaBOLD, we help companies solve modern business problems with data driven solutions. We help you employ actionable insights to drive planning and decision making. From managing data to predicting future trends, BOLDEnthusiasts serve as your trusted advisors throughout the journey. 

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data warehousing services

data optimization

Data Optimization

analyse data

Data Analysis

big data services

Big Data

Enterprise Data warehousing services

Maintain data on a single platform through our managed EDWH services.  By leveraging SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data warehouse and Azure Databases, we design self-governing ETL/ELT processes best fit for your business. 


EDWH services
Integrated data model designs

Integrated data model designs

Dimensional modeling

Dimensional modeling

data mapping

Data mapping

meta data

Meta Data Management


Data Optimization

With growth, the need to manage and optimize data becomes critical. We help you address your data pain points and optimize Data warehouses, slow running enterprise reports, ETL\ELT processes, Indexing strategies and data platforms.

build models


Collect, process, annotate, analyze and build models in minimal time.

cloud data storage


Optimize your Petabytes of data in cloud.

data processing

Data processing

Use optimized scalable cloud computing solutions for your processing needs

data resources


Minimize resource allocation to manage your high volumes of data.

missing values in data


Identify and rectify missing values in your data, using data sciences and machine learning algorithms.

Data Analysis

Our managed analytics services help our customers get visibility into business silos and enables informed decision making. They are designed to provide birds’ eye view of the complete business and the ability to drill down into specifics. With our regular/ad hoc reports, interactive dashboards, subscription alerts, self-service analytics and business forecasting, you have everything you need to be on top of your business.


improve planning

Improve Planning

daily activities

Manage daily business activities

protect data

Detect anomalies in the system

budget planning

Improve budget planning

business process

Optimize business processes

bi service workflow


BOLDBuild for AEC Industry

Financials Dashboards

Manufacturing Dashboards

big data service

Big Data

AlphaBOLD helps you to be Industry 4.0 ready. With the ability to manage Petabytes of data, we design big data solutions to generate deep insights in efficient response time to give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the curve. We process high velocity and variety of raw data for you to gain business insights from large data sets.

data storage

Data storage

We process and store variety of data in highly scalable and high performance HDFS clusters

data processing

High Data Velocity

Handle high data throughput to manage your big data.


Big data complexities

Resolve your unique big data scenarios using highly optimized algorithms.  

data analytics


Efficient solutions to present analytics, trends and forecasting on high volume of complex data


We can help you solve your business problems and reduce your pain points. We can estimate effort to build your solution based on experience with similar projects. Get in touch to learn how we helped similar customer...


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