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Build-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturing processes focus on building or designing finished products after an order is received. These production scenarios may apply to companies that produce tailored medical devices or custom industrial equipment and machine components.

To fulfill orders quickly, the production managers and engineers often need a rapid, just-in-time method of constructing a Bill of Materials (BOM) and sending the BOM specification and the traveler to the production floor.

ERP systems require the Assembly Item / BOM to be pre-configured and generated before it can be added to the Sales Order and subsequently a Work Order. This step is often cumbersome and predicated on some understanding of the item’s accounting impact before it can be completed. As a result, production managers and administrators often struggle to configure the Assembly Item correctly and this introduces unnecessary delays in the order fulfillment.

After some research and deeper discussions with our clients, we saw a need to develop a tool on top of NetSuite’s platform that will allow users to easily generate Assembly Items from the order screen.

In this article, I will walk you through our BOM Generator tool in hopes that it may inspire you to add new efficiencies to your production. We believe that BOM creation in NetSuite should be simple, intuitive and fast.

I will start by:

  1. Explaining how the tool works
  2. Its configuration
  3. Its features and improvements in works

How does it work?

The following diagram illustrates the basic, high-level process of creating Assembly Items directly from the order screen.

BOM generation Assembly

Let’s walk through this in detail.

  • When a Sales Order is in the ‘edit’ mode and while it’s pending approval, the user will see [Generate BOM] button.

Sales Order

  • By clicking the [Generate BOM] button, a pop-up screen will appear.

create bom

  • The user can enter the new SKU number in the ‘Item/BOM name’ field and then start selecting the components for this Assembly Item record ([Add Items] button).

BOM name

Bom Assembly Item record

  • The user can generate multiple assemblies without navigating away from this screen. By clicking on [Commit] button, the user can commit as many SKU’s to the order as needed and then continue generating additional BOM items.

generating additional BOM

  • The last step involves clicking the [Save] button. This will generate Item / BOM records and add them to the Sales Order.

BOM records sales order

adding bom into sales order

  • Lastly, clicking [Save] will transfer all lines to the order and the pop-up will disappear.

transfer all lines

  • The order can be finalized and saved. From the order, the production manager may decide to create a Work Order and send the traveler to the production floor.

create a Work Order

  • You will notice that all the components are sourced automatically from the Assembly Item.

work order


The item defaults are managed through a configuration record.

bom configuration record

  • Note, mandatory fields are sourced from the configuration record and are set right after the installation of our bundle.
  • If the location is not set on the Sales Order, the location is sourced from the configuration record.
  • The solution will list selectable components based on the subsidiary entered/sourced on the ‘Create BOM’ window. This maintains the system integrity and avoids errors.
  • Accounts are defaulted from the configuration page but can be overridden during the BOM generation step.

BOM generation step

  • Lastly, the maintenance schedule section is tied to a schedule script that inactivates items that have not been used on any transaction for an extended period. The goal is to keep the system clean and your system’s performance optimal. Options from 1 to 36 months are available.

Features and Future Enhancements

Currently, the following features are supported by this solution

  • Ability to create from 1 to 100 Assembly Item SKU’s from ‘Create BOM’ interface.
  • The ‘Create BOM’ interface can be used as a stand-alone form or from the Sales Order screen.
  • Bundle installer is available, some configuration is required (Configuration Record)
  • Maintenance scheduled routine inactivates unused items.

Future Enhancements

  • Additional support for process manufacturing (formula and recipe records)
  • Route defaulting for WIP

Thank you for your attention and feel free to comment on this functionality and request additional features. Our goal is to add as many features as possible, all the while keeping ‘BOM Generator’ simple and easy to use.

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