At AlphaBOLD we have always maintained that our focus is to find solutions to complex business problems, so we could make an impact in the lives of our customers. This is what gives us joy and this is what makes us BOLDEnthusiasts. Using AI coupled with our existing solutions, we can now automate business processes that previously required human intervention. As foothold of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and automation has increased in the workplace, many organizations are evaluating existing processes to organize work more efficiently. AlphaBOLD is at the forefront of this technology shift as this enables us to solve complex problems that previously we could not.

Artificial intelligence is helping us expand our solution frontiers to achieve true digital transformation. It is also helping our customers make better and faster decisions. Our customers can now:

robotic process automation

Use Machine Learning to achieve robotic process automation

analytical competencies

Augment human analytical competencies by leveraging Machine Learning

data analytics

Use data analytics to make smart and timely decisions

analyze historical data

Use Machine Learning to analyze historical data to forescast future trends


Disease Classifier analyzes raw disease data, eliminates inconsistencies and corrects poorly formatted datasets to ensure that disease data is correctly identified and classified. Disease classifier can be trained to help health-care customers address specific data inconsistencies and classification problems.

AI of healthcare
disease data cleansing
AI for Manufacturing


Machine learning model can be trained to predict when the equipment is close to malfunctioning and requires maintenance. Furthermore, the model can be used to calculate MTTF (mean time to failure) which can be used to predict failure within a given time. This opens avenues for predictive maintenance which can help manufacturers change their support and warranty offerings. The solution when integrated with ERP, CRM or Support makes huge business impact and helps with predictive and prescriptive analysis.

predective maintainance AI



The solution is exposed as a service, which can be consumed by any app in your organization to help eliminate disease data inconsistencies and correct poorly formatted data.


BOLD-HI solution helps organizations serve their customers better. It calculates Customer Happiness Index by using sentiment analysis and machine learning techniques.


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Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Solution

In order to maintain your machinery with a conductive-driven program, read this detailed guide on predictive maintenance.