AlphaBOLD specializes in meeting complex business needs of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies by integrating enterprise-level technology for digital transformation. We integrate dynamics 365 technology that moves your entire company onto a single cloud solution and automates everything from sales processes to uninterrupted project lifecycle - we call it BOLDBuild.


BOLDBuild is a robust platform that aligns and addresses key sales components of architecture, engineering or construction businesses. From single-click proposal generation to direct and indirect opportunity management, BOLDBuild addresses all key challenges in the industry by automating and digitalizing key sales processes.  It is equipped to effectively handle your system communication with estimators and features single-click import processes for complex excel based estimates. Here are the key domains empowered through BOLDBuild:

dynamics 365 for sales construction

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for sales

project bids

Tracking project bids

business opportunity tracking

Automated task creation of Sales Opportunities

proposal development

Proposal Development, Tracking, Negotiation and Conversion

opportunity management

Direct and Indirect Opportunity Management

sales management

Accurate Sales tracking and minimalized sales cycle

Project Automation

dynamics 365 for project management construction

AlphaBOLD provides a holistic project management system that automates key operational processes and simplifies project life-cycle. Our solution aligns with complex construction pipelines to oversees networks of contractors and field admins. BOLDBuild allows the on-field professionals to effectively capture information on equipment, subcontractors, material receipts, hours, task images and record project dailies through digitalized tools. It integrates your financial system with Operations to effectively monitor and avoid double entries, along with providing a detailed view for Project Management.

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for project automation

Forecasts resource

Forecasting resource requirements for projects in pipeline

project completion

Recording/Tracking material, equipment orders and calculate resource overtime

built-in templates

Built-in templates to help reduce time, effort and costs

project life-cycle

360-degree visibility of project life-cycle for stakeholders

multi-phase projects

Management of multi-phase projects simultaneously


Analytics component of BOLDBuild is supported through a hybrid of BI and AI to provide executive level insight to effectively monitor, analyze and foresee the project dynamics. Our Real-time reporting tool empowers executive management with data-driven decision making across all key Business metrics. The solution is built to provide the statistical and predictive analysis of all key domains; Sales, Resource, Inventory and Field Management, through interactive and user-friendly reporting.

analytics for construction business

Features of the AlphaBOLD solution for business intelligence

real-time reporting across key business

Accurate Sales Monitoring and Forecasting

visual graphs and stats

Powerful graphs and visuals for analyzing raw data

track and compare quotes

Tracking and comparing Quotes, Opportunities and Conversions

Drives predictive automation

Analyzing On-field and off-field employee progress

forecasting business models

Forecasting key business functions


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